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WELCOME! To "Duriaholics" Agathons 1st Guild Alliance

Hello and Welcome Fellow Alliance Members!
I want to be the first to welcome you here to our "NEW" home on the web. As this will be a "work in progress" I would invite you to visit frequently to see how we are making progress here.
I want to introduce some of the "LEADERS" here so that you might be more familiar with those who lead you into battle.

  • Killerclown69 (CovertOps)

I want to point out first and foremost that we "SUPPORT" each other here in DSO and consider one another as game family.I would invite any players or fellow guilds to join us and be a part of the next generation here in DSO!
shastamcnasty / Jun 23, 2013

Hello and Greetings Alliance Members
With a few suggestions and seeing more events turning this way I have decided to launch a Alliance PvP guild "BlackSand".I am hoping that you will find all you are looking for and more with this so please feel free to find one of "US" and seek entry into the new family here at Duriaholics!

xXxMorganaxXx SW will be GM she is my "Mini Me" toon with CalamityStorm and Aleine as Guild Officers we will work out more logistics as we grow here but this is just a beginning :)
shastamcnasty / Jun 16, 2013
Grettings Warriors of Agathon"
I recieved a request that perhaps a section could be added to the forums of this website where "YOU" our visitors could read a little about the guilds that make up the alliance and help in the choosing of a guild should you decide to do so.It also provides some background of who we are and allows other Agathon guilds to perhaps become members here.Which ever is your case may the Gods of Duria be with you!
shastamcnasty / Jun 12, 2013
Where: Cavern of the Eternal Storm
(This is the arena in Kingshill that is by the Hot Air Balloon)
Who: Solo or with a group. If you are in a group, you cannot kill your team choose wisely. Open to all alliance members.

Rule: If a non-alliance player or group comes in it is up to our alliance to re-focus and annihilate the competition.

Why: This is a test run to see the interest of posting an event and having our alliance members show up. Also, Angel1155 had a good suggestion about pvp daily quests and this would be a good way for us to complete those while raising our honor points.

A caveat: You will have to pay for repairs.
shastamcnasty / Jun 10, 2013
Greetings Guildies!

Shasta here with my humble apologies for falling behind on any and all updates here to the site. I want to thank you all for being a part of the alliance and being the example for others to follow. Please use the message system to keep me in the loop and I will be more diligent on keeping the site up to date and all guilds informed as to whats going on in DSO!
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